Posted by: Cory | October 6, 2008

The National, The Breeders @ Fountain Square – 10/16

As most of you no doubt know, The National will be playing Vote Early, Rock Late, along with The Breeders, to support Barack Obama and Joe Biden on October 16th at Fountain Square in Cincinnati. Guest speakers will include local Ohio democrats.

The National have spoken out in several ways this election year, issuing their “Mr. November” shirt, as well as loaning “Fake Empire” to the campaign. Similarly, The Breeders have long been politically active. Kelley was precinct leader for Move-on PAC in 2004 and she, along with Kim and their mother, worked the polls that same year.

Ohio is a swing state, and a recent University of Cincinnati poll shows McCain leading Obama 48% – 44 % in the State, so this is quite an important event in a pivotal battleground area. The title of the event, “Vote Early. Rock Late.” is tied to the new laws in Ohio allowing for early voting starting September 30th. On October 16th, the date of the concert, The Hamilton County Board of Elections will be open late and concert goers will be encourage to walk the few blocks to the Elections office and cast their vote that evening. Buses will also be provided to transport people to the voting location.


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