Posted by: Nick | October 5, 2008

Help Send Squeeze-Bot to Chicago

Louisville’s Squeeze-Bot needs our help to send them to the Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Fest.  There is a contest where small bands from around the country vie for a spot in the Festival’s line-up (and $500 bucks).  They are currently in first place, but we need to help keep them there.  You can vote everyday until October 17th (at least do it once).  We wish them luck!


ABOUT SQUEEZE-BOT: Before the electric guitar ruined rock and roll, accordions, banjos and tubas had their rightful place in music. Driven underground by their oppressors, the great accordion/banjo/tuba bands have kept largely quiet, playing late night, speakeasy style concerts in underground clubs deep in the country, far from the ever vigilant ears of oppressive electric guitarist. In the year 2006, one such underground band would run no more, and have emerged from the underground with bold new stylings, not afraid to show how music should have been played all along. This band is Squeeze-bot.

ABOUT THE FEST: The Chicago Bluegrass & Blues Festival is a one-day festival celebrating Chicago’s unprecedented appreciation of roots music and culture. Hosted by the legendary Congress Theatre ( and the newly-minted KingTello Presents, a bevy of homegrown talent will unite with some of contemporary music’s most accomplished and influential artists for a day of collaboration and cause. 12 hours, 16 bands, for only $31. And all in the name of a just cause and a plethora of musical styles that have evolved from the Bluegrass and Blues traditions that started it all. Aiming to help eradicate congenital heart defects in children, a portion of the event’s proceeds will contribute to the research efforts of the Chicago-based Saving Tiny Hearts Foundation. Until now, fans have had to travel far outside city limits and setup camp to witness a legend like David Grisman share a stage with the scene’s newest genre-defying sensations, The Avett Brothers, and a host of rising talents from the roots, blues, bluegrass, and jamband scenes. This fall, the Saving Tiny Hearts Society will bring them all indoors and within city limits to a historical Chicago landmark and one of the city’s largest and most unique live music venues.


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