Posted by: Cory | October 2, 2008

Boo! Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, No Kids & Pomegranates @ Pour Haus – Halloween Night (10/31)

Backseat Sandbar is bringing you the sickest place to be for Halloween night.  We’ve got Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, No Kids & Pomegranates all performing at Pour Haus on one night & it only costs $8 to get in the door.  Indie bands at this level rarely put Louisville on their list of places to visit, but that’s all changing.  This show is going to be incredible…

In case you don’t already know, CFTPA is the moniker of Owen Ashworth whose music is characterized by electronically produced beats, cheap keyboards, and slow, frank lyrics, while the appearance is that of an explosion of improbably hooked up keyboards, pedals and an array of other instruments, but…and this is hugely refreshing…no computer in sight. Many comparisons were made to the Postal Service after the release of 2006’s Etiquette, but with a little more feeling behind it. Every song tells a story of human emotion and often, human frailty. Listen up & you’ll begin to understand why people that like CFTPA absolutely love CFTPA…and you might just fall in love as well.

No Kids are supporting CFTPA for the tour. Nick Krgovich, formerly of P:ano, crafts a hybrid of indie pop, electro and R&B. Like CFTPA, No Kids are known for their storytelling as well, and their Come Into My House tells the story the elaborate and decadent lives of New Englanders so if you dig the stories told by Vampire Weekend or F. Scott Fitzgerald, then you’re going to love these guys. Make sure you show up by 10 o’clock to catch them, as they’ll be going on first.

Lastly, the Pomegranates who recently performed at Forecastle 2008 & put on an incredible show for one of the larger crowds of the daytime shows will be closing out the night. Pomegranates play a perfect blend of summer indie pop that is likely to warm up the room despite the chilling fall air. The Pomegranates have hit the scene in a big way in the last year with the release of Everything is Alive, which has been praised by seemingly every music blogger out there, as well as being Spin’s Artist of the Day, playing multiple festivals including Monolith, and recording a Daytrotter session. Rumor has it that the material for their next release is already written and that it has been slipping into a few sets.

No Kids kick the evening off around 10, followed by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone at 11 and Pomegranates at midnight.  Admission is only $8, so I expect a packed house…

Also, we hope everyone comes in costume, but don’t worry – it’s the same price either way…

Casiotone for the Painfully AloneSeattle Wash
No KidsThe Beaches All Closed
PomegranatesThunder Meadow



  1. i think wax fang is going to be the only place to be on all hallows eve. . . . . ..

  2. Come on, there’s nothing wrong with a little Casiotone competition! Buy that time travel device and be in both places like me.


  4. Actually, we just heard from Wax Fang that they aren’t going to do a Halloween Show, so looks like the probability just dropped into our lap.

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