Posted by: Cory | October 1, 2008

Review: MidPoint Day 3 (The Mocks, Mates of State, Radio 4)

After catching Day 1 at MidPoint, I made it back for Day 3. Although I missed out on some of the festival’s more exciting bands, I managed to catch some of the more accomplished ones. I started the night off with The Mocks, a DIY duo from Mexico who claim their sound to be that of an electronic orchestra, and while it was fun…I was hoping for more. Too much reliance on pre-programmed computer beats reslted in awkward dead time between songs, and killed any flow they’d have liked to have achieved. Halfway through the set, we set out for Mates of State. MidPoint was my first experience getting to see Mates of State who I had missed just a month or so earlier. Despite the prevalence of the free Scion cabs around the city, they wouldn’t take the trip across the water back into Kentucky, so Southgate required us to make the trip in our own car. Mates of State put on a wonderful show with the uplifting and fun pop you’d expect out of them.

We closed the night with the super secret show at Know theatre that everyone was so excited for. The Spill-It blog had been giving clues to who the band would be, and my Cincinnati friends picked up on it instantly. Nevertheless, while waiting in line I was hearing every name imaginable, such as The Raconteurs, Radiohead and others…all of which the people seriusly believed. I just laughed and told them what I’d heard so that they did’t yell out “who” when the band came on. People had lined up around the corner, and once Radio 4 came out, it was clear that most people in the crowd had never heard them, or if they had…didn’t care. Nevertheless, despite facing a crowd that might have appreciated them more with less of the mystique-induced hype, the guys put on an excellent and energetic performance, combining dance rock and cowbell with vocals just shy of a green mohawk. Those that let themselves loved it, and the Dwight Schrute look-alike at the cowbell pulled several girls from the crowd on stage and gave them a few minutes of fun in the final few minutes. Although I passed on the Lucy Blue pizza, stumbled upon more than a couple drug deals going down in OTR, I had a great time at this year’s MidPoint, and while I can’t compare it to the pre-CityBeat days when Sean was taking care of it, I had a lot of fun…

For the setlists as well as photos,

Mates of State
Rearrange Us
Think Long
Beautiful Dreamer
I like You Crazy
Fraud in the 80s
Goods (All in your Head)
Ha Ha
My Only Offer

Get Better
An Experiment
For the Actor

Radio 4
State of Alert
Too Much to Ask For
Certain Tragedy
Quit Hiding
Absolute Affirmation
Election Summer
May Day
Grass is Greener
Start a Fire
Luu Katz
As Far as the Eye Can See

The Mocks

Mates of State

Radio 4 (Secret Show)

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