Posted by: Nick | October 1, 2008

Peak Summit Groove and Dance Fest in St. Matthews – 10/11


This year’s festival will be held in St Matthews on Oct 11th at BBC, 60 West, Gerstles, Dutch’s, Saint’s, Diamond’s, the Sky Bar, and Zazzoo’s…

Tix are $10 bucks.

Here is the line-up:

Alanna Fugate and friends (percussive, poetic rock)
Andrea Davidson and friends (beautiful voice, beautiful music…)
Arnett Hollow (bluegrass hybrid…VERY cool)
Big Diggity (to-the-point funk and hip hop)
Bloom Street (improvisational groove-rock)
Cast Iron Airplane (hi-octane bluegrass!)
Craig Wagner (solo guitar virtuoso)
Derick Howard (solo, one-man-band style looping)
Electrio (funky rockin dance music)
Emily’s Garden (ALL Grateful Dead!)
Hickory Vaught and friends (soulful bluegrass/country)
Jk McKnight (solo – vivid lyrics, catchy hooks)
Kentucky Fried Pickin’ (hoe-down style bluegrass! yee-haw!)
Local villains (high-energy rock)
Louisville Allstars (funk-rock dance grooves)
Madahoochi (from St Louis- IMPECCABLE groove rock- must see!)
Merry Pranksters (Louisville’s premiere bar band)
Paradigm (dance-able prog-jazz-funk)
Stonewheel (good vibes and fun grooves)
Teneia Sanders (blues/soul…in a word, REAL.)
The Indicators (comedy! you wanna laugh?)
The Pass (electro funk rock dance music)
Thirteenth Sun (REGGAE + dub mon!)
VAMP (flawless jazz for those lookin to be impressed.)
Vessel (psychedelic tribalgrass)

…and art by Bob Pearce (paint, sketch), Whitney Petree (paint, sketch), David Norris (sculpture), Michelle Morris (photography), Bill McAvinue (glass), Nadera Wolford (paint), and Jason Wolf (sculpture)

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