Posted by: Cory | September 30, 2008

Backseat Sandbar presents…Starfucker w/ Tight Leather @ Skull Alley – 10/14


We are psyched to present Portland-based Starfucker at Skull Alley on October 14th. Lexington’s Tight Leather will open.  Starfucker released their debut self-titled album on Sept. 23rd.  Over thelast year, Starfucker has blown up in the Portland scene, and quickly spread their infectious electro-pop to each of the scenes you go to hear good music, playing shows all over the country, and back in Portland, their shows have become legendary…they’ve become the city’s darlings.  Pitchfork called “German Love” a “fine piece of fractured, homemade pop, with handclaps, bleary synths, drum machines, clunky acoustic guitars, and honeyed lo-fi harmonies, calling it “catchy electro-pop”. Listening to these guys, you can’t help but clap along as their synth hooks and simple drum patterns take control of you. 

“[Starfucker is] a sun-drenched soundtrack to the best time of the year, to late-night bike rides, house parties, and whatever other leisure activity you want to associate with the Portland summer” – Portland Mercury

“They combine Hot Chip’s beats, catchy hooks and dream-tinged vocal style with YACHT’s glitchy experimentation, with actual instruments thrown in the mix; guitars and drums are layered seamlessly with programmed drum machines, synthesized keys, blips and bleeps, and sampled spoken-word clips…Then comes the aptly titled Pop Song, a summer anthem ready-made for Northwestern house shows, bonfires on Great Lakes beaches, coastal road trips and everything in between.” – Indie Ducky

“Coming out of the gates with pulsating clap-along jam “Florida,” the record invites listeners in with the same palpable energy that emanated from countless humid basement parties in the spring of 2007, when the act began building buzz, literally, from the ground up. ” – Willamette Week

“Tight Leather are quickly becoming one of my favorite Lexington bands to see live. Though I’m not usually one for their kind of music on record, they do a great job of owning the stage. I’d really like to see them wind up touring with Battles, or — God willing — Sonic Youth.” – You Ain’t No Picasso

StarfuckerRawnald Gregory Erickson the Second
StarfuckerGerman Love
StarfuckerPop Song
StarfuckerHard Smart Beta


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