Posted by: mrdanielblack | September 30, 2008

Album Review – These United States: Crimes

I’ve been sitting on this one for a week now.  I wanted to do this album some justice so i spent most of the week with These United States second release, “Crimes.”  It creates a sound that throws you back to days of honkey tonks with twangy guitars, rambling drums & sung by a voice that is unique to lead man Jesse Elliot. Through the 12 tracks on the album, I find myself tapping my toes to each up beat tune and right there with the more melodic ones. You know that it’s quality when after each listen, you find yourself enjoying something different about every song that you hear. At it’s core, Crimes, is a toe tappin’, hand clappin’, loonatic dancin’, rock ‘n roll album.  I’ve had the chance to see these fellas play a few times and basically that is how it all went down.  What really doesn’t come through in their live show though certainly comes through on the album,  Jesse Elliott banging away on his acoustic.  Drummer Robby Cosenza & Justin Craig (Scourage of the Sea/Fang Robot) both hail from Lexington with Jesse Elliot and  J. Tom Hnatow (bass/pedal steel) both come from this great nations capital.  To sweeten the pot a little more, the album was recorded right here in Lexington.  Add that to everything else, toss them into a pot and you get a stew that is as well rounded as these actual United States.


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