Posted by: Nick | September 27, 2008

Brian Banger, ZCFOS & Ramming Speed @ DCE – 9/29

Brian Banger, ZCFOS & Ramming Speed are ripping through & tearing up Derby City Espresso on September 29th.  To experience the madness you’ve got to cough up 6 measely bucks at the door, but if you’re into the sharper side of things, this should give you the release you’re looking for…

“Boston’s Ramming Speed has it all figured out. Right in the face of what many have labeled as a thrash revival, these five dudes from Boston compacted a few decades of metal, grindcore, and punk influences into a half hour of highly energetic and entertaining classic thrash worship. So what’s the trick to rising above other bands when a style of music is enjoying a swell of popularity within the metal community? It’s simple: just prove that you love it more than anyone else. And thanks to this product of the thriving Boston DIY scene, listeners will be hard-pressed to find another band more enthusiastic about every corner of the thrash, grindcore, and punk genres.” – Lambgoat


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