Posted by: Nick | September 27, 2008

1st Annual Derby City Film Festival @ The Louisville Memorial Auditorium – 10/6-12

2008 marks the inaugural year of the Derby City Film Festival. While screenings of films produced throughout Kentucky and made by people from or associated with Kentucky and the region will be the primary focus, the festival will include quality films from other parts of the country as well.

With a premier Downtown venue to host the screenings, an abundance of after hours clubs and nightlife, as well shopping and cultural things to do, The Derby City Film Festival will hopefully become a festival destination during the fall of each year.

They are planning numerous feature film screenings as well as shorts, a few of which will be world premieres, as well as other activities, speakers and events that will no doubt generate a variety of local and national interest.

See more info at the Derby City Film Festival HERE.

See below the break for a full festival schedule:


All times listed are in Eastern Standard Time

Wednesday October 8th

(Doors Open @ 5:00 PM)

(Day Pass $10.00)


7:00 Being Lincoln – Men with Hats (Documentary, Tennessee)

9:00 If You Could Say It In Words (Feature Film World Premiere!, Pennsylvania)

10:45 Shorts I (Drama I)

-Swimming to the Moon (13 min., California)

-A Father’s Sin (13 min., Louisville)

-Copasetic (8 min., Illinois)

-Black (39 min., California)

-The Wind Fisherman (12 min., California)

Thursday October 9th

(Doors Open @ 6:00 PM)

(Day Pass $10.00)

7:00 The Importance of Being Russell (Feature Film, Tennessee)

9:00 Road Signs The Movie: Director’s Cut (Feature Film, Louisville)

10:30 Shorts II (Comedy I)

-Available Men (15 min., Louisville)

-The Syndicate (38 min., California)

-Understanding the Blues (16 min., Georgia)

-AT3 (27 min., Georgia)

Friday October 10th

(Doors open @ 6:00)

(Day Pass $10.00)

7:00 Lasting Images: Alternatives to Traditional Burial (Documentary, Texas)

8:00 I. Zombi (Documentary, New Jersey)

9:00 Trail of Crumbs (Feature Film, Louisville)

10:45 The Box (Feature Film, Louisville)

Saturday October 11th

(Doors Open @ 10:00 AM, FREE COFFEE PROVIDED BY JAVA Brewing Co. 10:00 AM – Noon)

(Day Pass $30.00)

11:00 Refusenicks (Documentary, Louisville)

12:15 The Grey (Feature Film, Louisville)

2:00 Shorts III (Foreign (with English Subtitles) & Experimental)

-Flourtown (9 min., Minnesota)

-Blood Soaked Sky (10 min., New York)

-A Prayer (1 min., California)

-Race War: The Musical (10 min., Louisville)

-Voor een paar knikkers meer (For A Few Marbles More) (11 min., Netherlands)

-Revenge of Lie (12 min., South Korea)

-Tyttonen (The Young Girl) (5 min., Germany)

-Immer Sommer (Always Summer) (22 min., Germany)

-Mae (Mother) (World Premiere! 15 min., Brazil)

3:45 Saved By Deportation: An Unknown Odyssey of Polish Jews (Documentary, New Jersey)

5:00 29 Reasons to Run (Feature Film, California)

7:00 How to Be (Feature Film, England)

9:00 Someday I Suppose (Feature Film World Premiere!, Louisville)

10:30 Shorts IV (Drama II)

-Waiting (10 min., California)

-Emulsion (16 min., Cincinnati)

-Red Autumn (29 min., Louisville)

-Twilight of Youth (32 min., Florida)

-The Predators Return (14 min., Florida)

Sunday October 12th

(Doors Open @ 10:00 AM, FREE COFFEE PROVIDED BY JAVA Brewing Co. 10:00 AM – Noon)

(Day Pass $20.00)

11:00 By the Wayside (Documentary, Louisville)

12:15 Before I Say Goodbye (Feature Film, Louisville)

2:00 Shorts V (Comedy II)

-Lettuce Break Bread (6 min., Louisville)

-Halloweenhead (19 min., California)

-Eugene & The Worm (13 min., Illinois)

-Yeti Vengeance (17 min., Versailles)

-BBC 1 (Fat) & BBC 2 (Bald) (8 min., Louisville)

-Shh! It’s Alive (15 min., Louisville)

3:45 The Road to Emmaus, PA (World Premiere! Documentary, Ohio)

5:30 Shorts VI (Drama III)

-Latch Key (45 min., Louisville)

-The Passing (12 min., Louisville)

-400 Colts (16 min., Louisville)

7:00 Thunder & Reigns (Documentary, Louisville)



  1. I live in Louisville and have a terrific script I’d like to enter in a Louisville screenplay contest. Is there such a thing?

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