Posted by: Cory | September 11, 2008

Ultra Pulverize & The Mathematicians @ Monkey Wrench – 9/30

We’ve preached the awesomeness of an Ultra Pulverize show enough times that if you’ve read this blog and haven’t yet seen them, you know enough to know you shouldn’t miss the show, and if you’ve seen them…well then you know you need to see them again. The Mathematicians you may not know.  From upstate New York, these kids are described as playing “an improbable blend of synth-punk, electro-pop, R&B and white-boy hip hop all played under the auspices of dorked-out math professor personas”. They have varied personas, claiming to be “friends of the band” when out of costume, but once they get their math nerd diggs together (taped glasses, ugly sport coats, bowties, etc), they become a group of feeks you don’t want to miss.  I’m glad to see Ultra Pulverize has found another band just as quirky as they are…and it should make for an awesome night…

The MathematiciansLCD



  1. This sounds like one of the most important shows to ever happen.

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