Posted by: Cory | September 11, 2008

TONIGHT: Basia Bulat & Neva Geoffrey @ 930 Listening Room

Sorry for the late notice on this one guys, but don’t mistake that for the shows irrelevance.  TONIGHT the incredible Basia Bulat is performing at the 930 Listening Room with Lexington’s Neva Geoffrey opening. I caught Neva opening for Jose Gonzlaez at Headliners earlier this year and she put on an incredible show somewhere between Cat Power and St. Vincent. She’d been a regular at The Dame until recently, and a part of that whole close-knit scene with Scourge of the Sea, The Apparitions, These United States and Vandaveer.

Basia is another reason we have to be thankful for our northern neighbors in Canada. As the fall weather begins to settle in around us, Basia’s ambient and beautiful songwriting ability are the perfect soundtrack. As a folk minimalist, she teases with hints of strings and keys, giving you only so much as you need to appreciate their presence. I’ve heard nothing but great things about her live show, and combined with Neva, I think this could be the perfect introduction to the changing seasons…

Tickets are $8 & $10 at the door. You can get them at Ear X-tacy, but go soon. Doors open @ 7 & the show starts at 8. For more information, check out The 930 Art Center.

Basia Bulat – Why Can’t it Be Mine?

UPDATE: What timing…Basia just released a new video for ‘The Pilgriming Vine’


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