Posted by: Cory | September 5, 2008

Clay Buffet: Calling All Artists

Let your art be seen at the gallery/ party located at 215 S. Clay Street.

Called the Clay Buffet, this “gallery” run by Damon Thompson makes it simple for new and emerging artist to get their stuff onto walls.  More than just a gallery, Clay Buffet is a great party.  A BYOB event with great music, a campfire if its cold, and a great place to meet some really cool people and see really cool and interesting art. 

As for you aspiring artists, no slides needed for approval, no artist statement required, and no need for expensive framing. All Damon requires is that you hang your work between 5pm and 7pm the day of the show, and that you take home any unsold work at the end of the night when you leave. 100% of any sale goes to you, the artist.

How are artist picked? If you have the courage to hang your stuff and stand by your work, then you are a artist suitable for the Clay Buffet. Artist are asked to limit the work they hang to 5-10 pieces or less in order to make room for everybody else.

The next party is tonight, Friday, Sept. 5th With DJ Azns n Bnzs spinning, and the following one will be Friday, Oct. 3rd.  Anytime there is a gallery hop, there should be a Clay Buffet, so feel free to bring your art out…


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