Posted by: Cory | August 30, 2008

REVIEW: VHS or Beta, SeepeopleS & Ben Sollee @ Waterfront Wednesday – 8/27

VHS or Beta, Ben Sollee & SeepeopleS played one of the last Waterfront Wednesdays of the year this past Wednesday.  Ben Sollee played a great cover of Erykah Badu’s “Bag Lady”, which I should hopefully have a video of soon to follow.  I was a little upset that Ben Sollee’s set was so early, but rumor had it that around 3,000 people were there earlier enough to see it.  Unfortunately, Ben has gained some notoriety recently for his “Dear Kanye” song, so a lot of people were asking for that.  You can find out a little more about that deal through a written response we received.

Seepeoples gave what I thought was a fairly miscellaneous performance, by which I mean they seemed to be filler between Ben Sollee & the night’s headliners.

VHS or Beta came out with a fury.  Quickly the crowd which had been lounging for hours sprung to their feet and pushed forward.  My biggest concern was that the openness of the waterfront wouldn’t be conducive to a dancing crowd.  I’ve seen these kids perform live a few times & the best was in a packed house at Lexington’s Dame (God bless it’s soul) where everyone was dancing on top of one another.  Fortunately, the crowd got tight together & danced their legs down to the knee.  Craig & crew ripped through songs from each album, including “Forever”, “You Got Me”, “Can’t Believe a Single Word”, “Burn it all Down”, “Bring on the Comets”, “No Cabaret”, “Love in My Pocket”, “The Melting Moon”, “Night on Fire” and basicaslly everything we all wanted to hear.  The hometown guys knew exactly how to keep their friends & neighbors entertained with a full 3-song encore.  Afterwards the party moved to Monkey Wrench then Nachbar & I can only hope Craig & Mark managed to catch their flight to Puerto Rico the following morning for their YellowPass DJ set…

For more photos,

VHS or Beta




  1. There’s one more Waterfront Wednesday, September 24th! See for more info.


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