Posted by: Cory | August 30, 2008

PHOTOS: Louisville Zombie Walk 2008 – 8/29

Louisville Zombie Day 2008 was an unabashed creepfest. We saw Scooby & the Gang, Waldo, Michael Phelps, Michael Jackson, Honeymooners, the Chick Fil-At cow, bikers, Ghostbusters, surgeons, ex-girlfriends , Santa, women eating their fetuses & countless other zombies.  Fortunately, with the disregard for everyone’s own safety, nobody became Zombies themselves. We saw kids running across traffic, drunks falling into traffic, the procession disregarded redlights, and much more.

The ZombiesShe’s Not There

For several more photos of the madness & for a little bit more brain….



  1. thankfully this disaster ended in only good times and great photos!
    thanks to everyone who joined us for the best zombie attack yet!

  2. awesome o.O

  3. could u please tell me when the zombie wlk for 10 will be????
    thank u so much

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