Posted by: Nick | August 22, 2008

The Glasspack Takes 5 for Kentucky

Photo by John Rott, courtesy of Velocity Weekly, Louisville
Photo by John Rott

The Glasspack has always been about creating a primal, unholy wall of sound built around Dirty Dave Johnson’s yowling, distorted guitar pyrotechnics.”-Jefferey Lee Puckett (Courier-Journal, Louisville)

“Formed in the new millennium by singer-songwriter and front-man “Dirty” Dave Johnson, The Glasspack is the answer to the worn-out southern rock of the classic rock airwaves and the sudden staleness of modern hard rock radio. Distinctly of Louisville, this creative and unique Kentucky band has pulled its influences from the best of the 60’s jam rock and 70’s hard rock/punk, thus obtaining a very wide variety of listeners and fans. The band can usually be found lugging its equipment around the U.S. and Canada listening to anything from CCR and MC5 to Bad Brains and Fu-Manchu. They have been seen busting guitars on each other, playing guitar behind their backs, with their teeth, and anyway humanly possible. Johnson has even been known to set his crotch on fire, as well as his guitar, which skills gained him a Fender Music endorsement in 2005.

The bands music is a popular in the area of licensing from Small Stone Records directly and Rumblefish Music Licensing in Portland, OR. The Glasspack’s music can be frequently found in various episodes of MTV’s “Viva La Bam” and “Homewreckers” shows, FOX’s “Fuse T.V.” and “Fuel T.V.” shows, and even video games like Discovery Channel’s “Monster Garage” by Activision and ESPN’s “2K5 Pro Baseball,” scoring them a spot in the ASCAP society.” – Glasspack on Myspace

No word on when they are paying another gig in Louisville, but we’ll keep an eye out.

The Glasspack- Rock and Roll Singer

Here is Dirty Dave’s response:


1. What neighborhood did you grow up in?

I grew up in two Louisville neighborhoods. I stayed with my Grandparents a lot. My immediate family lived in Okolona and my grandparents lived in Iroquois, south Louisville area. So you can say I grew up in the South-end as well as South Louisville. I now live in South Louisville but I am hoping one day to spend the rest of my days in Northern California, painting the big trees and the ocean.

2. When did you start playing together? Did you have a different band name?

I am assuming this is in reference to the Glasspack. In the beginning of the Glasspack, circa late 90’s, we formed from the remains of my older punk hardcore psych garage act, Blacklisted. I got tired of the Louisville hardcore/punk scene as well as the same old riffs and decided to make a more concentrated high energy rock band capable of traveling far distances. Also, about Blackisted, how far can you get with a couple of serious rednecks in your band. I grew up playing music with rednecks who all gave up after fathering kids too early in life, going to jail too much, or smoking too many drugs. You could say I got smart.

3. First show you played in Kentucky (plus any details you remember about it)?

Man, this is a hard question after so many years and so many shows. I am wanting to say that my first real show was at the Carl Casper Custom Auto Show Battle Of The Bands, damn that’s a long title. No wonder they got rid of it. We were crazy kids up on stage playing crazy spacerock and getting boo’ed in the mid-90’s. They preferred Christian metal acts. Somehow the car show’s mentality still has never made it past the 1980’s.

4. First show outside of Kentucky…how did you book it?

I was way ahead of the bunch. I used to buy these Maximum Rock ‘n Roll issues called “Book Your Own Fucking Life.” Punkers and rockers from allover would send in their contact info for bars, record stores, and all kinds of indie business in hopes of furthwering the scene, things that don’t happen much anymore because of the internet. Back then, you had to make real friends and keep them, as well as network your ass off so that everyone in the foreign city would slightly remember you. The first show I did out of town was probably Bllomington, IN which had a really good punk kids scene, maybe it still does. It was when I was in Blacklisted. I was just then setting the foundation of what I can do today. See, I started from the ground up. I never had any famous friends, I never had any famous parents, no money, nothing. I just knew that I was supposed to be a rocker when I was born and I had to carve my own path there. I never stopped after that first show, I was addicted. Now I have played all over the United States many many many times, most of the shows I booked myself. And we no longer have to fight so hard to be remembered.

5. Favorite Kentucky band (other than yours)?

My favorite Kentucky band other than mine is an even harder question because musically, I am not influenced by much around here. I am also not impressed with the over-rated scene here on a political or social level either. People only achieve success around Louisville due to how many friends they have and how cool they are. It’s a total small city popularity contest. Very rarely is it due to how good their music actually is. That’s why most bands around here never make it past N’Albany or E-Town for a show. They couldn’t handle getting laughed at in Chicago. If it sounds like I am clowning the scene, so be it, I have always felt the same way and I am not a team player around here anymore. I fight the war against SUCK for me and my music and I am not afraid to say it. I do however, on a lighter note, love Squirrel Bait, Bush League, Kinghorse, and The Hookers.

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