Posted by: Nick | August 20, 2008

The Shondes @ Headliner’s – 9/5

The Shondes (Their new album, The Red Sea, was one of my top albums of January 2008. They played at The Rud back in December and now they are back for more.)

The Shondes are known for their complex, melodic rock sound combined with rich vocals, and a live show that explodes with energy. Their songwriting fuses the various musical traditions of feminist punk, classical, Jewish, and queercore, while their vocal melodies move effortlessly from anthemic to haunting, textured by the distinct qualities of each of their voices. The result is a unique sound that is both heartbreaking and hopeful. The high energy of their live shows bring audiences along for the ride, with audience members often singing along, dancing, and swaying to the punchy rhythms and soaring melodies.

w/ Venus Trap (a great compliment to The Shondes), Lucky Pineapple (one of Louisville’s best) and Young Widows (new album, Old Wounds, out this month).



September 5th.

The Shondes – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow


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