Posted by: Nick | August 20, 2008

FREE ALBUM- Vitamins for Voyeurs – Radio Silence

My brother’s friend’s band, Vitamins for Voyeurs, just released their first album, Radio Silence, and they gave us permission to give it away free for a while to get the word out.  I listened to a few of their demos a while back and liked what I heard.  They are extremely radio friendly, but no so much you are turned off.  My brother’s review/intro to the band is below…


This indie rock three piece from Los Angeles features highly accessible, radio ready music without dumbing down the sound. Fairly compared to The Killers, Vitamins for Voyeurs balance rock and pop with highly crafted guitar riffs, bouncy bass lines, catchy drum beats, and perfectly calculated synth lines. Ethan Roberts (lead vocals, guitar, and keys) wrote the songs and his Raymond Carver-esq take on relationships offer up a fresh perspective on a genre of songs that sometimes feel wooden. If this band knows one thing it’s how to write a fucking catchy hook that leaves the listener toe tapping from track to track. The music is hip and guess what, so is the band…not being signed they gave me full permission to post their album. They just want to be heard and have people fall in love with their music. So, grab the album for free below…



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