Posted by: Cory | August 19, 2008

Hear Cory’s “Off the Record” with WFPK


Earlier this week I kicked off a new program known as “Off the Record” with Marion Dries.  You can read more about the program at WFPK’s “Off the Record” page.  You still have two more opportunities to catch the set at 8am on Wednesday or 4pm on Saturday, but if you’re curious as to what you’re going to hear in advance, my five choices are below the break.  However, if you can, support the program by tuning in, because it is about much more than simply playing music.  The concept is that each of us fortunate enough to be asked to participate get the opportunity to discuss music that affects us in some way, whether it touches us personally, or simply allows us to expose others to music they might not otherwise ever hear.   Fortunately, WFPK has been so kind as to host an mp3 of my session, so that those of you who missed it, or aren’t going to be able to catch it any other time, have the opportunity to see what this program is all about.

While I highly suggest catching the performance as it is aired on WFPK, the next best option is to download the session HERE.

Also, while I’m self-promoting on our own blog, now is a better time than ever to check out one of Louisville’s most interesting blogs, which is entitled I Live in Louisville, by Leslie Lyons.  While living in New York, Leslie photographed more amazing bands than any of us could dream, and this week she was kind enough to stop over & hang out with us in the Backseat Sandbar headquarters and post all of things she learned about us.

For a list of the artist’s I chose to play, but without the elaboration as to why,

Why? – “These Few Presidents”; Radio Department – “It’s Been Eight Years”; Computer Vs. Banjo – “Giving Up On Ghosts”; Thao With the Get Down Stay Down – “Beat”; and The Rascals – “Does Your Husband Know That You’re On The Run?”


  1. Good show. I’m a tad disappointed you didn’t mention the best new band of the year, Late of the Pier…they blow every new band out of the water.

  2. Really enjoyed the program, keep up the good work!!!

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