Posted by: Nick | August 18, 2008

Irish Hill Improv Festival w/ Bodeco and The Instruction @ The Fox Den – 9/5


Back in 1992, there wasn’t a bigger band in Louisville, KY than Bodeco. Composed of local boys Ricky Feather, Wink O’Bannon, Brian Burchett, Jimmy Brown, and Gary Stillwell, Bodeco raised more hell when you were 11 then you’ve thought about raising since then. And, it almost killed them. Looking back at that time now, it’s pretty amazing to read what people were writing about them.

The NY Times describes one of Bodeco’s live shows like this:

Closing the show was Bodeco, a skunky country-rockabilly outfit from Louisville, Ky. The lead singer had a yelp that could have scared off a mugger, and the band’s jalopy approach of electric guitars, upright bass and drums was given a surreal coffeehouse lilt by the inclusion of a bongo player. The lead singer howled his way through a few songs, like one about a town called Hong Kong, Miss., then announced: “We’re going to do an instrumental now. I’m about to have a nicotine fit.”

Thankfully, Bodeco has recently reunited with a slightly altered lineup and are headlining the Irish Hill Improv Festival Inaugural Ball on Sept. 5 at 10 pm at the Fox’s Den in Louisville, KY. They’re playing with local up and comers The Instruction who played with Thao Nguyen with the Get Down Stay Down at Skull Alley. Tickets are $10. So, come out and see these Louisville legends reclaim the stage.

Bodeco – Gunslingin’ Zulu Queen

The Instruction- Hello Darlin’

The Irish Hill Improv Festival starring The Groundlings and Louisville Improvisors will be performed at 8 pm at Walden Theatre, 1123 Payne Street.

Tickets are $20 per night and will be available at the door.

The Irish Hill Improv Festival Inaugural Ball will take place at the Fox’s Den in City Block. Doors open at 10 pm on Friday, September 5. Tickets are $10.

$25 gets you access to both an improv show and the Inaugural Ball.


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