Posted by: Nick | August 17, 2008

REVIEW: My Morning Jacket @ Waterfront Park – 8/16

Ten Thousand people showed up to Louisville’s Waterfront Park to see, better yet, experience My Morning Jacket play three solid hours of rock (see the ridiculous set list below). The air was cool and the sky was clear and bright orange, until the night became illuminated by a full moon. The stage was set up directly between the crowd and the water to allow for a perfect backdrop to the show. While MMJ didn’t get to ride in on the Belle of Louisville like they wanted to, they still provided their fans an epic performance and showed us all why they are the gold standard in rock today. I felt transported to a time when a true jam wasn’t left to solos and finales; when music was more than just entertainment; and a time before Daughtery, Three Doors Down and Linkin Park stole the airwaves. Jim James and Co. played their heart-out for nearly 30 songs and let everyone rest assured that rock is alive and kicking.

Their “An Evening With…” Tour kicked off Friday night in Nashville and ends on New Year’s Eve in NYC at Madison Square Garden. The tour is in promotion of their new album, Evil Urges, and they played nearly the entire album (11 tracks). “Librarian” was left on the shelf, but I can live with that. They also played over half of Z (2005) and half of It Still Moves (2003), including an electric “One Big Holidiay” finale (see video below). All three of those albums are clearly the fan favorites, but they still dipped into At Dawn (2001) with “The Way that He Sings” and “Phone Went West” and The Tennessee Fire (1999) with “Heartbreakin’ Man” (see video below). They even played “Cobra” from their 2002 Chocolate and Ice EP during their encore. At the start of the show, Jim James saluted the fans that had followed them for years and welcomed new fans and the set list was sure to please both equally.

The only complaints that I heard all night at the show had to do with the lines (all of them). The will call and ticket lines were backed up around the corner; the line to get into the show was backup up around the block (towards River Road); and during the show, the bathroom and beer lines were 20+ minutes long. Waterfront park simply wasn’t ready for 10,000 MMJ to descend upon them and consume beer at such a rate (then wait in the bathroom line as a consequence). After having to listen to my favorite song “Off the Record” from the bathroom line, I stopped drinking, not wanting to miss any of the 27 songs to come. All-in-all, the lines were not a big deal and the show did not suffer a bit, however, some may disagree.

Bottom line, this was a great show and worth the ticket price and more. Below the smoke, lights and even puppets was a local band that has struck a nerve on the national level. You may not hear their songs on mainstream radio, but when their sound and influence spreads, we will know where it came from (even if Prince will want some cred too). I’m still exhausted from the show. I need a nap.

MMJ – One Big Holiday (Finale)

MMJ – Aluminum Park

See set list and more pics and videos below….

Set List

  1. Anytime
  2. Off the Record
  3. Gideon
  4. Evil Urges
  5. Touch Me I’m Going to Scream (Part I)
  6. The Way That He Sings
  7. What a Wonderful Man
  8. I’m Amazed
  9. Thank You
  10. Sec Walkin’
  11. Heartbreakin’ Man
  12. Two Halves
  13. Lay Low
  14. Aluminum Park
  15. Mahgeeta
  16. Phone Went West
  17. Look at You
  18. Where to Begin
  19. Golden
  20. Dondante
  21. Smokin’ from Shootin’
  22. Touch Me I’m Going to Scream (Part II)


  1. Wordless Chorus
  2. Highly Suspicious
  3. Cobra
  4. Steam Engine
  5. Run Through
  6. Dancefloors
  7. One Big Holiday

My Morning Jacket – Heartbreakin’ Man



  1. thanks for the page,love the pictures and review………………it was surreal was it not?
    Songs were sung,instruments were beaten,plucked,banged,and stroked and 10,000 faces melted to the ground when the five gods of rock morphed into one.The price I paid ticketmaster seems like a shameful donation for what I received with the ticket.Thankfully MMJ doesn’t charge by the eargasm or we’d all be broke.

  2. Why did they stop?!?!?!

  3. Audio of the show has been posted on the Internet Archive:

  4. I went to the Nashville and Louisville show. I am from Nashville and thought the show was awesome. But I knew the home town show was going to be kick ass. What a set list.

  5. I went to the Nashville and Louisville show. My hometown is Nashville but that Louisville show kicked ass! Thanks for the pictures!

  6. I guess I needed to say it twice. Sorry

  7. i can only think of one word for this hometown show: EPIC!!!! i love the picture of me on this page, yes, i was indeed dressed as The Bear in the front row….thanks MMJ for always melting my face off!!!

  8. What a great night for Louisville!

    MMJ is one of the greatest rock bands right now.

    They were playing to their hometown.

    On a lawn in front of the Ohio River.

    Mid-August Saturday Night

    No humidity.

    Beautiful sunset.

    Abe Lincoln getting called on stage for the final number.

    Jim James was right. All of us that were there will still have pieces of us left at Waterfront Park.

    Thanks for posting the streaming website. Nice to hear it all again.

  9. nice pics

  10. I too thought the hometown show might be even better than usual…so convinced my wife and 2 friends to drive down with me from St. Louis. We hung out in the park all day with a cooler playing games and then walked over in time for the concert. You’re right, the lines were stupid long…in fact we ended up buying 4 beers each and then never went back…but what a show. You almost never see 3 hours live anymore and they literally played EVERY song I wanted to hear. Cobra was the only one I was unfamiliar with…and Steam Engine was definitely my favorite! I hope they do it again…cuz I’ll be back for sure.

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