Posted by: Cory | August 17, 2008

Cory goes “Off the Record” with WFPK

WFPK is starting a new series entitled “Off the Record“, where people from the Louisville music community are coming in to the studio and sitting in with Marion Dries to talk about music and guest DJ for a bit.  The segment allows those in the music scene to give their input into the state of music, where its been, where its going & whatever else they feel inclined to talk about.  Upcoming features include Jeffrey Smith of Crash Avenue Publicity, a man that you can’t help but run into most anywhere you go…John Timmons, the man supporting our music consumer habits and owner of Ear X-Tacy, and Erica Rucker, the organizer of this year’s Terrastock.

The set is going to air every Monday at 1pm, and again on Wednesday at 8am & Saturday at 4pm., If you don’t have a radio in your office, you can stream the program HERE.  Tune in tomorrow to see what music I’m listening to and what I decided to play.  Also, keep an eye out on I Live in Louisville for an upcoming feature that we did with Leslie and should be posted there tomorrow, Monday August 18th as well….



  1. Kudos on your recent publicity! I enjoyed your set on WFPK.

  2. Cory… Dang it, I knew this was going to be on, but an an hour before I got distracted and missed it. Do they archive the show? If not, will you print your playlist? Thanks!

  3. I listened to the podcast of it. Good for you!

    I got really nervous when doing my bit. I couldn’t complete a sentence to save my life. Lord knows what it will sound like.

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