Posted by: Cory | August 13, 2008

My Morning Jacket Takes 5 for Kentucky

This week, a band that needs no real introduction at all, Louisville’s My Morning Jacket, Takes 5 for Kentucky.  MMJ is touted as one of the most important bands to music today by critics and fans alike, which is evidenced by getting perhaps the biggest gig possible – Madison Square Gardens for New Years Eve 2008/2009.  It looks like the rest of the world has come to fully appreciate what Louisville has known for several years.  These Louisville natives have played sold out venues all over the world, as well as appearances on shows like SNL and at countless music festivals.  That should be no surprise, considering their live show is a spiritual experience for many.  Five albums in, and you can only imagine where they might go from here.  In the words of Pitchfork, “This is one of America’s preeminent contemporary rock bands.”

As if everyone who has ever heard of music didn’t already know, they will be playing a THREE HOUR SET THIS SATURDAY at Waterfront Park with The Louisville Leopard Percussionists. Gates at 6:30pm. Show at 8pm. Admission is $33.50, but will be worth every penny. For an idea of the type of setlist to expect, check out the setlist from a recent 2.5 hour performance they gave HERE.

Patrick Hallahan’s (drummer) answers below


1. What neighborhood did you grow up in?
Hikes Point, baby!

2. When did you start playing together? Did you have a different band name?
7th grade. Me, Jim, Ben Blandford, David Givan, and Aaron Todovich. Band name: Isolation. Watch out.

3. First show you played in Kentucky (plus any details you remember about it)?
The Cardinal Inn. I was really afraid that my drums were going to fall apart during the show, so I remember being nervous. The toms ended up falling off first song, so I kicked them out of the way and had the time of my life the rest of the set.

4. First show outside of Kentucky…how did you book it?
Cincinnati, OH (so far away). We were asked to play a show with a friend.

5. Favorite Kentucky band (other than yours)?
The Danny Glover Cover Band


  1. that show was great too, btw

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