Posted by: Cory | August 2, 2008

REVIEW: Ultra Pulverize, Giveupnewyork, Kentucky Prophet, William Sides Atari Party & Uncle Ben @ The Rudyard Kipling – 8/1

The Rudyard Kipling was on the brink of explosion last night.  Arriving at 10 o’clock to see four bands at the Old Louisville venue, I was certain we’d missed the out-of-towners and their chipbreak beats, but fortunately for us, everyone else was running even more behind than we were.  Eventually, we learned that while traveling together on this mini-tour, Giveupnewyork an William Sides Atari Party ended p getting stranded on the side of the road after their car broke down & Andrew from Ultra Pulverize drove around an hour outside of Louisville to pick them up for the show. I had been excited for quite a while to see this show because I absolutely love 8-bit music, and still, years after the revolution has begun, there still are notthat many artists doing it, or doing it well.  Crystal Castles has brought Chip music to the forefront, but I was excited to hear what more terrestrial bands were doing with it..

I ended missing most of the 12 minute Uncle Ben set (because my girlfriend wanted a drink of water), and while I thought his beats were fantastic, without a bit more showmanship, it failed to translate to a dace floor.  I do, however, think that if Uncle Ben adopted the Girl Talk kind of showmanship, then, even if he’s only pretending he’s actually doing something live, people could connect with it more, and maybe even dance.  Following that show was one of the more fascinating performances I’ve seen in some time.  Giveupnewyork is an originalist type of old school chip artist.  I first heard of chip music in the late 90s when artists were actually using programmed Game Boys to make their beats.  Since then, putting chips in keyboards and software applications for laptops have long replaced the true to form Game Boy kids.  When Giveupnewyork came out, he took everyone back to another time in their life.  Ironically, I was never much of a video game kid (I topped out at Game Boy), but something about the 8-bit still takes me back to another time.  Also, in an effort to round out the experience, Giveupnewyork provided free glow sticks and candy for the crowd, but in the end, not even the combination of sugar and nintendo beats could get people to the dance floor.  Despite the aesthetic of using the Game Boys, the beats which were truer 8-bit and giving out free candy, Giveupnewyork also had better stage presence all around than Uncle Ben, with illuminated Kanye West-alike vent shades and strobe effects, all the while dancing and I could see plenty of people dancing in their seats, but not having the courage (mysef included) to take it to the floor.  Next up was William Sides Atari Party, and while I expected this to be more 8-bit, it turned out to be primarily electronica, and though it could have been an incredible time if people would have been dancing and enjoying themselves, it didn’t lend itself to simply being watched

Kentucky Prophet & Ultra Pulverize played exactly the type of show that we’ve all come to expect from them.  Admittedly, it took some time for each of them to grow on me, but I’ve seen them both at least three times, and the things that seemed absurd before seem to make so much more sense now, things that came off as slightly novelty things in the beginning have faded away and it’s much easier to appreciate the underlying talent of all of the artists.  Kentucky Prophet has an incredible voice, and if you get the chance to hear him with Technology vs. Horse, I highly recommend it.  With a true backing band, the distractions, such as him fiddling with his iPod shuffle, become less aparent.  Also, it seems that with TvH, the self-deprecating jokes which can grow tired after a while, simply aren’t as frequent.  As for Ultra Pulverize, I’m ready to see them start touring with some of the more eccentric bands out there.  Opening for Dan Deacon would be the most well-suited, ideal gig, and I’d love to see that happen.  It’s a perfect combination of fun, talent and showmanship required for that kind of gig, and before these guys oversaturate themselves in Louisville, they need to get on the road and show everyone how to have a little robotic fun…


Ultra Pulverize


Kentucky Prophet

William Sides Atari Party


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