Posted by: Nick | July 31, 2008

Plenty To Do This Weekend (here is your guide)…

There is a ton of stuff to do this weekend, here are a few options…


Dave Matthews Band & Willie Nelson, Slugger Field:

Then hit the afterparty at DCE with Lotus Blake and The Dealbreakers (free with DMB stub)…


If you need an electronic fix with some 8-bit/chipbreak fun, don’t miss Ultra Pulverize, William Sides Atari Party, Kentucky Prophet and more at The Rud.


If you want something more laid back, go to Lisa’s and see Edgehill Ave., Grooveshire and Hambone…


Check out the view from the top of Glassworks and enjoy music from Black Diamond Heavies and Broken Spurs…


For a different scene, check out Grinstead, Consume Comsumer & more at PHT (but you have to go to PHT).


If you need an all ages show, hit up Skull Alley to see Fellow Project, Racebannon and Millions…


For some DJ’s, Hip-Hop and art, go to the Clay Buffet on Clay Street, where you’ll find Azns n Bnzs and Skyscraper Stereo…


Head on down to the Belvedere (where Forecastle was) for some Bluegrass.  This is a two day fest.


If you are looking for a similar ‘Funtown’ environmen, We Drink Old Gold is hosting the Fleur de lis Field Day out on a farm.  It looks to be a great way to spend the day outdoors and enjoy the music of Scott Carney (Wax Fang), Whistle Peak and more…


There really is only one place to be on Saturday night and that is at The 930 listening to Grizzly Bear!  The next day they will be playing at the Verizon Music Center with Radiohead, so it will be nice to see them at such a small venue.  Also, they just played Letterman on the 23rd, so they must be good, right?


If the 930 isn’t your vibe, or if you can’t get over that Friend isn’t as good as Yellow House, then go to the Pour Haus, where you are rarely disappointed, to see The Genius File, Suspected Terrorists and The Kickback from South Dakota.


If you can make the drive to Indy’s Verizon Music Center and can find tickets, this is your chance to catch Radiohead on their US tour (playing with Grizzly Bear)…


If you are staying put in Louisville, you can catch Sugar Spell it Out and Ellison at The Brickhouse…



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