Posted by: Cory | July 30, 2008

REVIEW: Forecastle Day 2 – All We Seabees, Go Van Gogh, The Seedy Seeds, Pomegranates, DW Box and One Long Song, Margot & the Nuclear So & So’s, Unwed Sailor, Film School, Prizzy Prizzy Please

For me, Saturday was THE day to be at Forecastle. The schedule for Saturday was thrown off for a half hour due to the Morning State canceling last minute, so the day started off with All We Seabees on the small stage, and Go Van Gogh took a later spot on the main stage. One of the most unexpected treats of the day however, was the Seedy Seeds from Cincinnati. Mixing a very cute kind of folk pop with Jenny Lewis-like vocals and a sometimes electro-pop feel thanks to some prerecorded beats, the Seedy Seeds put on a great show. While it always sort of puts me off to hear prerecorded sounds like that, combining electro dance music with banjos is going to make me smile no matter how they go about doing it. The best example of this was the dance song “spin spin spin, move to the front, slide to the left, hey hey, repeat repeat repeat” and it was incredible.

Next up was the Pomegranates, with their perfect blend of summer pop. Very preppy, apart from the “It’s Mr. Weenie Time” shirt, these kids put on an incredible show that was so much fun to watch. Next up, DW Box and the One Long Song showed why people call her one of the most talented musicians in Louisville. On stage were 2 violins, keys by Korgenbutz from Ultrapulverize, 2 guitars, the bassist from The Fervor, 1.5 drums, one of which was played by Kevin Ratterman of Wax Fang, and strings, putting together a 70s inspired psych pop jam. Margot & the Nuclear So & So’s put on exactly the kind of show I wanted to see out of them. My first time seeing them, they essentially played a perfect set.

One of my favorite bands of the weekend, Unwed Sailor was up next. I met unwed Sailor late last year when they put on an incredible show at the Nachbar. While I really enjoyed this set, I wasn’t moved by it the way I was the first time, largely because the first time was dominated by the keys of Brooks Tipton, who was on tour with his other band Bear Colony (a Radiohead-like band with the most moving back story you will ever hear) and wasn’t able to make it. I really enjoyed the show, but adding a layer of keys on top of it would have made this performance one of the best of Forecastle.

After that, Film School, from San Francisco, hit the main stage and played a good set for the time slot. I was set for something special due to the number of people that told me they were amazing live and was simply satisfied, not amazed. Their style has been described as shoegaze and highly textured space pop, culminating as a sonic waves of reverb and loops. After seeing Mono rock the reverb at Terrastock, it is hard for me to be fair. I would love to see them in a smaller venue at midnight to get a better feel for what they can offer. Prizzy Prizzy Please, out of Bloomington, played next and was one of the most energy filled sets of the day. I didn’t know what to expect, so when I saw frontman, Mark Pallman, break out the horn to give his speeding vocals a rest, I took an immediate lean on the speaker. Then my attention was stolen by drummer, Dan Buescher. In a band of maniacs, Dan was the ring leader. He was out of his stool more than he was in it and in one instance he missed the stool on his way down after a sky high jump and hit the floor. Impressively, this didn’t stop him from missing a beat (well, maybe one). This show was truly a treat on the East Stage.


All We Seabees

Go Van Gogh

The Seedy Seeds


DW Box & One Long Song

Margot & the Nuclear So & So’s

Unwed Sailor

Film School

Prizzy Prizzy Please


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