Posted by: Nick | July 22, 2008

Cabin Takes 5 for Kentucky

Louisville’s Cabin is this week’s artist who took 5 for Kentucky.  Cabin is a highly talented band consisting of Noah Hewett-Ball (Vocals/Keys/Guitar), Dave Chale (Drums), Billy Lease (Bass) and Sarah Welder (Violin, Keys, Vocals).  Their music is beautifully composed, filled with catchy hooks, and melodies on the keys that get locked in your head (see the title track of the I Was There EP).  Even Sufjan Stevens said that Cabin is “a band you need to check out.”  I see big things in the future for this band.  They are just too damned talented and fun to watch not to win over every listener they encounter.

They will be playing in Louisville at the Forecastle Fest this weekend, on the East Stage (7/27 @ 4pm).  It will be a show you don’t want to miss.  Here is frontman Noah Hewett-Ball’s responses to our 5 questions…


1.  What neighborhood did you grow up in?

Noah (Germantown sort of) Sarah, (New Albany) Billy, (South Louisville) Dave, ( is from Maine)

2.  When did you start playing together?

CABIN started in 2004  I met Sarah, Dave and Billy in the summer of 2006

3.  First show you played in Kentucky (plus any details you remember about it)?

Our first show was at Gerstle’s in Louisville.  It was mostly friends and family and we were pretty shakey.  I actually played drums on one song and was excited that I got to work in a stick twirl in the middle of a fill. Ha!  We have it on video tape but no one gets a copy of that until I see some big dollars.

4.  First show outside of Kentucky…how did you book it?

I believe it was St. Louis and I think it was booked through a friend of a friend.

5.  Favorite Kentucky band (other than yours)?

Rodan or Slint……The greatest band to hang with is or was the October.

Here are a few downloads courtesy of Basement Tapes (there is also some video of the session and an interview here)…

CabinI Was Here
CabinMusical Seats
CabinCover Your Eyes
CabinEverybody Wants to Rule the World (Tears For Fears cover)



  1. awesome!!! Obama should snatch this up.

  2. Just testing everything out!

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