Posted by: Cory | July 10, 2008

Review: Ultra Pulverize & Everything Now!

Ultra Pulverize played the Pour Haus on July 5th as a post-Indepedence day celebration, alongside with Everything Now! from Indianapolis and DJ Narwhal.  Regardless of spending too many hours awake the night before, the crowd was ready to dance…

After hearing my friend Dodge over at MKOB speak so highly of Everything Now! I was really excited to see them.  As was to be expected, I wasn’t let down.  A three-piece indie rock band out of Indianapolis, Everything Now! challenges your mind if you expend the effort to catch their vocals and challenges your heart to find a better example of what indie rock ought to be.  Simple, but pure.  Unfortunately, cash-less, I wasn’t able to get one of their vinyls featuring handmade album art worth the price of the album alone.

In contrast, Ultra Pulverize is anything but simple.  I caught Ultra Pulverize earlier this year with Wax Fang, and was blown away by the show.  This time was perhaps even better because people were going nuts (as seen in the pics below), and a 3-4 person friendly mosh pit broke out.  No love for Oatmeal Creme Pies this time around as Andrew apparently learned of the trans fats content they included and out of respect for us, their fans, opted to cut them from the show.  Combining minimalist Robot beats, robot garb more along the line of Flight of the Conchords than Daft punk, and quirky hip hop vocals…Ultra Pulverize isn’t a band, but an experience.


Everything Now!

Ultra Pulverize



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