Posted by: Cory | July 10, 2008

Forecastle Preview: Z-Trip – Day 2

DJ Z-Trip is playing the 9 o’clock spot on Saturday & this guy knows how to move a crowd. The great thing about Z-Trip that is difficult to find these days is that he’s a true turntablist, putting this stuff together in a very real-time, live way, and not too pre-recorded, and combining that with live drums. What is best though is the diversity of the things he puts together, including Rush and Kansas, and making it work on a dance floor. The man has collaborated with tons of incredibly influential artists, including Rakim and Chuck D, can be found in video games and film, but may be most known for his stunning discography of mixtapes. His live performances have been considered a love letter to hip-hop. Unfortunately, as artists like Danger Mouse and Girl Talk have run into, the heavy sample-laden sounds make it hard to clear when it comes to producing and album, which if you haven’t heard of Z-Trip, is probably the reason. That said, his debut Shifting Gears was very well received by the critics and consumers alike…

Get ready to dance…

Z-TripMama Said Knock You Out (Z-Trip Remix)


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