Posted by: Nick | July 5, 2008

PHOTOS: 21c Pajama Party – 6/20

Sorry for getting these photos up late, but they got lost amogst the Terrastock photos. On June 20th, 21c hosted an awesome pajama party. You had two choices…wear pajamas or go black tie. Needless to say, I went t-shirt and pajama pants. The booze was flowin’ freely and I can’t even begin to remember what kind of food they were serving, but I remember it tasted amazing.

After dinner all of the guest filed into the bottom level of 21c where a stage had been set up for a number of acts ranging from musicians to comedians to dancers to pyromaniacs. I didn’t get to use my camera for the first half of the show, but I will give a short recap. The most memorable part of the show, and the best part of the entire night was when they called local musician, Ben Sollee, out on stage with four or five dancers. I didn’t know where the act was going to go, but it was absolutely mindboggleing. Ben Sollee started playing which was great as usual because he if freakishly talented, but then the dancers stole his cello and started dancing with it. As the cello was lifted, twisted and turned by the dancers, Ben continued to play. A sight to see indeed. I have dubbed it Cirque du Sollee (see video below at the 3 minute mark).

A R&B act, Hope, Faith & Joy (or something like that) played after the break and was somewhat disappointing. Picture Destiny’s Child, but not as hot and lip-syncing (the vocals would actually fade out at the end of each song). After they left the stage, the show got right back on track with some crazy acrobatics and finished with a scantly clad model reading the audience bedtime stories. A perfect ending to a wild and crazy pajama party.

more pics below the break…


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