Posted by: Cory | July 2, 2008

Forecastle Preview: Pomegranates – Day 2

Pomegranates are playing Forecastle 1-1:30 slot on Saturday.  Pomegranates are our neighbors to the north, hailing from Cincinnati, OH and play a 50’s Pop/Surf/Shoegaze kind of sound, described by Music Slut as sounding like Tortoise on a ski trip with Grizzly Bear.  The indie popsters recently released their debut Everything Is Alive on Lujo Records, the label that snapped them up after self-releasing their debut EP Two Eyes in June of last year, which is essentially when the guys got together as a band.  Things haven’t slowed down for them either, becoming Spin’s Artist of the Day, playing Monolith, touring with Islands and being discussed extensively in the blogosphere.

PomegranatesLive On WOXY
PomegranatesThunder Meadow
PomegranatesFull Day Trotter Session


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