Posted by: Cory | July 1, 2008

Snoop Dogg, 311 & Fiction Plane @ Riverbend – 7/5

Snoop Dogg & 311 are coming to Cincinnati on their “Unity Tour” along with Fiction Plane (who recently came to Louisville with The Bravery). Mr. Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr. has become, for better or worse, one of the most important rappers of all time, being someone that kids and grandparents alike can recognize, despite lyrics that few can discern meaning from, and when you can, it involves drugs, sex or violence (the way we like our rap). Snoop has brought the C-Walk to the living room, the gangsta talk to the board room, and the police to his own home more than once.

Unity, I suppose, comes from the ironic pairing with 311, who, quite frankly, I think is crap, and there isn’t much else to say on the matter. To be fair, I’m basing the entire dismissal on Down and All Mixed Up, but the fact that those songs grace their Greatest Hits (they have a greatest hits?), I imagine those songs to be, if not representative, amongst the best they have to offer.

Snoop & Fiction Plane would be worth seeing though, if you can cough up the $20-40 it takes to get in. The show is all ages and kicks off at 6:30.

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  1. Check out Snoop at

  2. Being a dj; I suppose I am more open to different styles of music genre then many of the people whom surround me everyday. I do believe that you have every right to say that 311 is a *crap* band. That is your opinion, altho I would like to debate you on that, I feel that doing so would only lower my prestige among fellow artist. 311 is a very good band, and they do deserve their album of greatest hits.

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