Posted by: Cory | July 1, 2008

REVIEW: Imaad Wasif & RTX @ Pour Haus – 7/1

Imaad Wasif & RTX played an interesting set at Pour Haus tonight, along with local band The Teeth. Imaad Wasif would be incredibly fun to watch even if he wasn’t an incredibly talented guitarist. The guy is the smallest man I may have ever seen and honestly looks like a malnourished man-child…his thigh was probably the size of my forearm. The set was an impressive melodic and introspective jam session and seemed to be immensely enjoyed by those few of us there to watch. I have big hopes for Imaad because his performance was beautiful and I’d love to see a 930 set in the near future.

The night’s headliner, former queen of the infamous Royal Trux, now truncated to RTX took to the stage covered in dead animals and alcohol just as all rock stars from the period of the height of her fame should be. Unfortunately, her performance fell flight. While not having been a major Royal Trux fan, I first came across them back in High School (thanks to CMJ samplers!) and always loved the tracks I heard. Unfortunately, RTX sounded like she came straight from spending a few too many dollars at a bar. The rock star schtick that would have been art in the 80s has lost its relevance and its novelty, but RTX hasn’t yet taken the moment to realize ad/or appreciate the fact. It was eye-opening to watch, but regrettably I can’t say that it was enjoyable. Imaad stole the night with ease.

For the setlist & more photos,

RTX’s Setlist:
Shut Up
Low Ass
Mr. Wall
Last Ride
Dude Love

Imaad Wasif


The Teeth


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