Posted by: Cory | July 1, 2008

Imaad Wasif & RTX @ Pour Haus – 7/1 (Tonight!)

Imaad Wasif & Two Part Beast is playing the Pour Haus tonight with RTX (essentially Royal Trux not playing Royal Trux songs). Imaad Wasif recently self-released his second full length album, Strange Hexes, which ranges from late ‘60s acid rock to ‘70s proto-metal. If you didn’t get enough rock with Terrastock, or you regret missing it, Imaad is the next best thing you’ve got.

RTX adds to the arsenal, promoting their latest Western Xterminator, with psychedlic rock that drifts between hazy and hazardous, and is a playground for ex-Royal Trux frontwoman, Jennifer Herrema, to share her violent, violent wisdom with us.  Also, and as something of an aside, this picture sort of freaks me out.

I’m going…and I’m a little worried of what could happen…



  1. The Teeth were fun (my favorite local flyers right now are produced by The Teeth) Imaad Wasif was absolutely fantastic. RTX was underwhelming (like everyone else, I’m a Royal Trux fan of past), but um, it didn’t help that there were literally 30 people there. Way to show up Louisville!

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