Posted by: Nick | July 1, 2008

Bu Hao Ting, two more @ Skull Alley – 7/2

I haven’t been to Skull Alley yet, but I really want to go check it out.   It is the newest music venue in town and from the pics it looks pretty nice. Skull Alley is located at 1017 East Broadway (and also serves as a screenprinting studio and record label, Brightskull).  Bu Hao Ting is the only band I know of the four (and Caleb Lionheart is out), but I’d be going to check out the new digs.  I’ve you have been, feel free to comment and let us know what you think…


Jul 2 2008 6:30P
Bu Hao Ting, Audio Collage, William Carpenter, Caleb Lionheart @ Skull Alley
Jul 5 2008 7:00P
August Moon, Nice People (last show), Algernon Cadwallader, Boy Problems, B @ Skull Alley
Jul 8 2008 6:30P
Head Above Water, Ripshit!, Dylan Bredeau, + tba @ Skull Alley
Jul 12 2008 7:00P
Nixon, Moutheater, Prideswallower, Human @ Skull Alley
Jul 13 2008 5:00P
FREE SHOW! Foxy Shazam, Vampire Squid, Frontier(s), Mountain Asleep @ Skull Alley
Jul 17 2008 6:30P
FIYA (no idea records), + tba @ Skull Alley
Jul 19 2008 7:00P
French Quarter, Glochids, + tba @ Skull Alley
Jul 22 2008 6:30P
He Was Animated, Antilles, Gathiens, Fork In Socket @ Skull Alley
Jul 24 2008 6:30P
Max and the Marginalized, Chris and the Dickens, + tba @ Skull Alley
Jul 26 2008 7:00P
Minnow @ Skull Alley
Jul 28 2008 6:30P
Brain Banger, Disappearer, + tba @ Skull Alley
Aug 9 2008 7:00P
Straight A’s, Bear Claw, Fork In Socket, Plows @ Skull Alley
Aug 15 2008 7:00P
Best Friends!, Where We Live, Xerxes, + tba @ Skull Alley
Aug 17 2008 6:30P
Faintest Ideas, The Young Untold @ Skull Alley
Aug 20 2008 6:30P
John Meuller, Cages, @ Skull Alley
Aug 21 2008 6:00P
Juvenescent Beat!, Us And Us Only @ Skull Alley
Aug 22 2008 7:00P
Empires, Lungs, + tba @ Skull Alley

more tba



  1. thank goodness for all ages venues. a very necessary part of the scene. skull alley makes me happy.

  2. skull alley is an amazing venue ran by amazing people. this is seriously what louisville has been waiting for. no more crummy bars or lame halls who could care less about what we’re doing. finally people who are part of the scene stepping up for all of us and bringing a well organized all ages venue back to louisville . hats off to jaime and allison i’m thoroughly impressed by what they’re doing with the place. as long as we keep giving it the support and respect it deserves then it’ll be around for a long time.

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