Posted by: Cory | June 30, 2008

SOLD OUT: Girl Talk, The Death Set & CX KidTRONiK @ Headliners – 11/7

Girl Talk will be playing Headliners on November 7th, along with The Death Set & CX KidTRONiK. We saw Girl Talk back in January with Dan Dan Deacon & it was a madhouse of sweaty, dancing bodies and intense, bewildering mash-ups. Girl Talk visited Louisville for last year’s Forecastle, and threw one of the wildest parties of the Festival. Rumor has it, his after-party at the Galt House ended up getting a lot of people shutdown and kicked-out. 

If you’ve not yet fallen in love with the things this mastermind of mash-up puts together, he will combine Neutral Milk Hotel with Ludacris, Panda Bear with Kelly Clarkson, Zwan with Ting Tings…and manages to avoid doing it for the sake of irony, but rather always for the sake of dancing…And once you allow yourself to give in to it, you’ll give up all control…the man had me singing along to Kelly Clarkson for Christ’s sake…

Going Radiohead style, you can PWYW for Girl Talk’s new album, Feed the Animals, which is exactly what he does with this album…feeding and fueling our need to dance….

While Girl Talk alone makes the concert worth it, another one of our favorite bands, The Death Set, who played Lexington’s Void Skate shop recently, will also be playing their electroinc punk.  CX KidTRONiK plays with and produces alongside quite possibly my favorite hip-hop artist ever, Saul Williams, and my favorite industrial artist, Trent Reznor.  This show is bringing it from every angle & I only hope we don’t blow the place apart…

Tickets are $15 & it’s all ages, so be careful who you’re dancing on….

UPDATE: Rumors had been around that Greg would be doing an ear X-tacy show, but that’s not true.  Also, the show has now SOLD OUT.


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