Posted by: Cory | June 28, 2008

PHOTOS: Terrastock Day 4 – Makoto Kawabata & final words from Phil

This week, my girlfriend bought an otoscope & was testing it, so she tried it out on me. She asked “Why is there blood in your ear?

Makoto Kawabata, famous for his role in Acid Mothers Temple, closed Terrastock with the loudest, most deconstructive and sonic sound that any of us have ever heard. Playfully weaving textures upon textures of the most shrill and violent sounds, ultimately creating beautiful patterns from his deceptively minimalist set up.  It could just have well been an entire orchestra pit.

Kawabata is such an honorable man that when all of Acid Mother Temple wasn’t going to be able to perform, as was originally scheduled, he asked for a hotel room and nothing more, traveling from Japan on his own dime to perform solo.  What an incredible conclusion to the weekend’s events, and strangely, I believe that Mr. Kawabata felt as honored as we were…but I feel certain we were the lucky ones.

Afterwards, Phil McMullen and Kawabata shared a fairly emotional hug, as Phil welcomed Kawabata off stage to prepare for his own performance. A little nervous, Phil addressed the crowd, thanked them, and gave a little insight into the future of Terrastock, including that the lack of a Terrastock 2009…Phil cited his own need for a break (this year was his 50th birthday), the bands needed a break since they couldn’t keep doing it free every year. Privately, he addressed the rumors about Terrastock finding a home in Louisville, and the only drawbacks were the lack of an international airport, the lack of hotels within walking distance, as well as the lack of food venues. I wouldn’t be surprised if by 2010, many of those concerns are alleviated (except for the airport).

In final review, Terrastock was a great festival, with some incredible bands, and it’s unfortunate that hardly any of Louisville took the opportunity to hear these bands…you missed some incredible talent….talent that people came from all over the world to see, and you had it in your back yard. Hopefully, the city’s lack of interest hasn’t killed our chances of becoming the Festival’s permanent home, but they were expecting a lot more locals to get excited.



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