Posted by: Cory | June 27, 2008

PHOTOS: Terrastock Day 4 – Simply Saucer, Rain, Pelt & Windy and Carl

Unfortunately, I missed a lot of Sunday morning due to a late Saturday night, including missing Thee American Trio, who I was looking forward to.  As a result, the first band I caught was Simply Saucer, who started the set out with the statement “The Saucer has landed in Louisville“.  The set started out great, including a theramin and everything, but unfortunately a little over halfway through the set the rain came in and brought lightening, so men got on tall aluminum and highly electrically conductive ladders to cover the stage, while others got under plastic tables to hide from it.  The rest of us went indoors & checked out some of the art as we waited for Pelt to go on.  One of the most fascinating pieces was this guy doing circuit bending, who also had a viewfinder with a Disney projection inside of it, but he had *ahem* edited it, such that some of the Disney characters weren’t doing such nice things.  It was fantastic. Shortly thereafter, Pelt came to the stage with gongs, shakers, incense and a shoebox-looking accordion, and gave us just the relaxing mood music we needed with the rain.


Simply Saucer

Interlude between rainstorms



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