Posted by: Cory | June 27, 2008

PHOTOS: Terrastock Day 3 – Oneida, Wooden Shjips, Tara Jane O’Neil, Bardo Pond, Grails, Motorpsycho, Sapat,

Oneida opened Saturday morning’s festivities around noon to a packed house, playing what I can only imagine to have been several hints at the upcoming album, Preteen Weaponry, to be released later this summer. Saturday was the day to be at Terrastock, with an incredible line-up, one band after the next with no breaks. Following Oneida, was Wooden Shjips, who, while they played a great set, had quite a bit of technical difficulty with the sound people, a problem that plagued more of the festival than it should have. In fact, during the Tara Jane O’Neil set (along with many others), the sound people left, leaving her to DIY it all, with the help of a member of the audience. The only other problem I had with the festival is that while I understand it’s a niche audience, to my untrained ear for pyschrock, a few of the bands sounded just a little too similar for my taste, which is likely to be the reason that I didn’t see what everyone else sees in Bardo Pond or Motorpsycho. In contrast, Grails put on one of the best shows of the weekend, which was hard to do indoors. Oneida had an incredible drummer, but to see the way the drummer from Grails hammered his drum kit, at times using sticks, at times using his beer bottle, and later his guitar and foot…there’s simply no comparison. Whether he was on drums or guitar, he commanded and controlled the crowd, the stage, and everything in between. Lastly, after years of distance, local townsmen Sapat played an incredibly fun set. While setting up, one of the members remarked that although it was going to be strange all playing in front of such a large crowd again, if they just each played their own thing incredibly, as they usually do, it would have to sound good. And it did.

The best set of the night though, is reserved for another post…



Wooden Shjips

Tara Jane O’Neil


Bardo Pond





  1. Patiently waiting on the MONO photos… can’t wait!

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