Posted by: Cory | June 27, 2008

PHOTOS: Terrastock Day 3 – Mono

Mono was the band that a huge portion of the crowd showed up for.  From the time they started, until they ended, I was unable to breathe.  Literally, after the show had ended, I had to sit down and just breathe.  Takaakira “Taka” Goto, the brainchild behind Mono, led the epic instru-metal post-rock massacre, shredding his guitar, while Yoda (pictured above) constructed wall after wall of sound.  Together, and along with Tamaki Kunishi and Yasunori Takada, they weaved epic sagas that never really quit building upwards to the climax, they only suffered small ruptures intermittenly of frenzied sonic blasts, to reease the tension.  I felt as though years of my life could have passed by during that set…not because it was slow moving, but rather each progression seemed to truly tell such a fully developed story, transplanting me to another place in time, that my own life seemed to progress in a nonlinear format, and my reference point was lost.  I’ve never experienced anything like this before, and although pictures are supposedly worth a thousand words, no number of words could do justice to describe this performance…no such words exist…



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