Posted by: Cory | June 27, 2008

Forecastle Preview: Devlin and Darko of Spank Rock – Day 1

DJs (Chris) Devlin & (Ronnie) Darko are performing at this years Forecastle from 8:50-9:30. Famous for their role as the DJs ehind the genre-bending Spank Rock, these guys have also spun with other such important and influential artists as Beck, KRS 1 and Gnarls Barkley. Rather than simply putting together electronic music, these guys infuse everything from classic hip hop to Italo disco to French electro creating a dance party that keeps you sweating. These guys are up right before Method Man, and should set the energy level right where it needs to be….

You can keep up with the guys on their blog, Fully Fitted, which is a pretty entertaining read-through…

For a sample of what you’re going to get, download the 26-minute Fabricfree Mr. Devlin Bonus mix featuring Rod Lee, Mr. Oizo, Sam Cooke, PB&J, Fiona Apple, Devin the Dude, and an early version of “Race Riot on the Dance Floor”. You can get it zipped up at HERE (36.5 mb) thanks to FabricFree, or for a smaller snippet, try FabricDead.


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