Posted by: Cory | June 26, 2008

PHOTOS: Terrastock Day 1 – The Photographic & Parlour


Terrastock started kicked off Thursday night with some of our Favorite local bands, The Photographic and Parlour, along with Elephant Michah, Dead Maids and Hush Arbors (the last three of which I missed). After both The Photographic and Parlour though, the shockingly large crowd for the first show and Thursday night of the Festival, the 80%+ out-of-towners were asking “Who ARE these guys?” Each band got a surprisingly strong reaction from the crowd with a slight edge to The Photographic, and even on Day 3 I had people asking me if I’d gotten to see them. Perhaps the best evidence of that is the number of their debut album Pictures of a Changing World that I saw in the crowd over the next few days.

Admittedly, this was my first opportunity to see Parlour, and was blown away by the set, with very aggressive drums, horns, visuals, it made for an all-around awesome performance, and a perfect way to open the Festival and show these out-of-towners our locals boys have some talent…

Before I left, I was speaking with Erica Rucker, the genius who made it all happen this year in Louisville thanks for a desire to see certain bands, and smoke starts coming out from behind one of the buildings.  We assumed it was a grill based on the proximity to the food, but it turned out to be a dumpster fire resulting from a discarded cigarette, causing the Fire Dept. to show up, making for an excellent way to kick off Terrastock 7

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