Posted by: Cory | June 26, 2008

PHOTOS: Major Stars @ Terrastock – Day 2


Despite some incredible bands playing earlier in the day, a 9-5 means missing weekday, daytime shows, so the first band of Friday I was able to catch was Boston-based psych-rockers Major Stars, who put on one of the most entertaining performances of the entire weekend. Right alongside Mono and Paik, these guys had some of the absolute best stage presence of the festival, and at one point (and you’ll see this below), the girl in the photo above cut some of her hair off for a fan. Watching this show made me realize how slightly incestuous it all was, with these guys once having worked with Damon & Naomi, who later worked with Batoh. It was like one big happy family of distinctly different styles. In that family, although the oldest, Major Stars were clearly the teenagers with their rock music, who loved to play.




  1. Major Stars are so great, and super-good people to boot. It was so nice to see ’em slay in Louisville!

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