Posted by: Cory | June 26, 2008

Computer vs. Banjo – New Remix by Ninja Simone

We at Backseat Sandbar rarely talk about new albums, apart from our albums of the month, unless it really touches us.  With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to Nashville’s Computer vs. Banjo, whose self-titled debut album which is now available everywhere (iTunes), is one of the truly innovative albums of the year.  This album has the pop feel of The Postal Service, but tempers the synth sound with elements of conventional organic folk, the juxtaposition of which is absolutely mesmerizing, and never more so than on Giving Up on Ghosts.  The combination of instrumentals, which literally is a computer and a banjo, work strikingly well together and the year of unconventional indie rock seems to be upon us.  If these guys start taking it to the road, I expect a healthy following very fast.

In addition to the album as recorded, we’ve got another little treat by way of Ninja Simone –  Magazine Queen (Ninja Simone edit)


1. Jubilee
2. Guitars need a Sinner’s Touch
3. Give up on Ghosts
4. Outer space
5. Low
6. San Joaquin
7. Magazine Queen
8. Stone
9. 2heavy2hold
10. Concealed
11. Lost
12. Signs of Passing Time


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