Posted by: Cory | June 19, 2008

Terrastock Preview: Day 1

Thursday night opens Terrastock. Since Marissa Nadler dropped, local artist Elephant Micah was invited to play, making the final line-up for Thursday The Photographic (7pm), Parlour (8pm), Elephant Micah (9pm), Dead Maids (10pm), & Hush Arbors (11pm). Pretty impressive to give Elephant Micah one of the top billings after being added as an oh no!

Here’s a very brief run-down of tonight’s performers…

For anyone who has ever read our blog, you know we simply cannot say enough about The Photographic. For any first time viewers, See Exhibit A, B, C, D & E. Naturally, we would have liked to have seen a higher billing than a 7 o’clock set, but such is life I suppose.  As though you haven’t heard enough about them, check out what IndieRockReviews had to say…

“If two young men from the Midwest are capable of making such music of heroic, earth shattering proportions then what does that mean for the rest of the instrumental scene?…There is so much hope and power in this album”

Parlour replaced United Bible Studies’ spot on their previously scheduled Thursday performance, as all the positions were mixed around after the announcement.  From their MySpace page:

What began in the mid-90s as the one-man multi-instrumental sound experiments of Crain founder Tim Furnish has now morphed into a thrilling 7-headed beast that spits out adrenaline-steeped jams like a dragon spits fire. Equally indebted to the driving rhythms of the late 70’s German underground, the melodic guitar skree of Sonic Youth and the aquatic explorations of Jaques Cousteau documentaries, Parlour are a fresh burst of nervous energy and ambitious precision

Elephant Micah is from just across the river in Southern Indiana, and has been described as an experimental Low, early Lo-Fi Smog and having the sparseness of J Tillman with Elliott Smith mixed in.

Dead Maids are a British band from the city of Bath.  I’ve bee to Bath, and progressive rock is not what this city is known for.  Formerly known as the Monster Bastard Project this Bath based three piece emit a wall of stoner and post rock that draws you in like a blanket orlayed guitars. 

Hush Arbors is an experimental rock band fronted by Keith Wood. The band makes eccentric, unsettlingly pleasant music, full of feedback effects and ripping riffs. Their sound incorporates traditional folk, drone rock and psychedelia. Keith splits his time between

Elephant Micah – Technology



  1. Great to see you guys at the fest… I had a ball. The Photographic played their usual stellar, shimmering set and got a great reception. When they finished people around me were saying, “Who are they? Are they local?” They were from all over the country (I would say the crowd overall was about 80% out-of-town) and I saw them later carrying The Photographic’s cd. The kids are making it… and Jessie had the hottest date at the festival.

    Sapat blew people away, too. I made friends with some dudes from Denver and one of them said Sapat’s last song, and the other Beirut-like song – were maybe the best of the fest.

    All our Louisville originals can be proud. They matched up with a great line-up.

    More later about Terrastock…

  2. When my friend received a handwritten ‘ticket’ on card stock for 3 people, I had my concerns about how organized Terrastock would be when I actually got there, but it was absolutely spot on. Although I only went Saturday, the entire day was great. Everything ran smoothly–I really enjoyed all the music (I most enjoyed Oneida, Grails & of course long time favorite of mine, Mono who have played a progressively large stage over the years and own it every time).
    I’m sorry to have missed the locals on Thursday & Friday…sounds like you all enjoyed ’em.
    Props to the organizers and Mellwood.

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