Posted by: Nick | June 18, 2008

Wax Fang Takes 5 for Louisville

Sorry for the delay in our Take 5 series everyone.  For this week, Scott Carney, the brain child of Wax Fang, took a few minutes out of his hectic schedule with Wax Fang.  We finally got around to seeing Wax Fang at their February 25th show at Headliners with Ultra Pulverize, and they performed as though they’ve already truly made it, commanding the attention and respect of the audience.  While we still see a bigger, brighter future for them, they’ve clearly drawn interest on the national scale having played this year’s SXSW festival.  Their exposure resulting from supporting My Morning Jacket didn’t hurt too much either.  All the time spent in band member Kevin Ratterman’s recording studio, The Funeral Home, has paid off big with the success of La La Land.

1. What neighborhood did you grow up in? I grew up in Hikes Point near McMahon Plaza on Breckenridge Lane.

2. When did you start playing together? Did you have a different band name? We started playing together in October of 2005 and did so under the name ‘Scott Carney and Heavy Friends’.

3. First show you played in Kentucky (plus any details you remember about it)? Our first show in KY was at Nelligan Hall down in Portland, not far from where we practice. They had just finished painting the entire interior that day and the whole place smelled like latex paint.

4. First show outside of Kentucky…how did you book it? Our first show outside of KY was in Pittsburgh, PA, where I used to live. I booked the show myself through a friend of mine who works at a bar there.

5. Favorite Kentucky band (other than yours)? Among my current favorite KY bands are the Photographic, the Fervor, the Slow Break, the Lucky Pineapple, Ultra Pulverize, Venus Trap, Adventure and, of course, My Morning Jacket.

Wax Fang – World War Part II
Wax Fang – Bi-Polar Bear
Wax Fang – Sweet Bloody Murder

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