Posted by: Nick | June 17, 2008

WEDNESDAYS. Open Mic Night at the Monkey Wrench.

You have to love the Monkey Wrench. Ben does a great job organizing the night and he even adds his own talent to the mix. Below is a pic of my friend Hank at the open mic night a couple weeks ago, playing a few from his new project, The Buttonups (Songs Your Co-workers Sing to Each Other in the Dark).   Things kick off at 10pm and go to 1am (free).

Also, if anyone has news on the patio being built on top of the Monkey Wrench, let us know in the comments.  From the street it looks awesome!



  1. Thanks for showing some love to this. Ben Purdom is one sexy bitch, and The Monkey Wrench has some killer food.

  2. the patio is coming along, slowly but surely… if i go ahead and say a date, i guarantee it won’t be done by then, so i’ll stay quiet ;)

    it will be amazing when completed, though!

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