Posted by: Cory | June 10, 2008

BLOCK AID: Help Save the Dame!

This Friday, June 13th at 5:30pm there is going to be a protest party called “BLOCK AID! An event to Save our Block”. The “Block” is the square created from Main, Upper, Limestone & Vine Streets in Lexington. The event is being held at the Limestone Club & Buster’s, but thte proceeds will go to fighting the destruction of the entire block, including our beloved The Dame.  If you don’t know the back story here, read our earlier post “Help Keep the Dame in Downtown“, but the short of it is this: The Equestrian Games are coming to Lexington, so the city having the insecurity issues it has, thinks it needs to destroy historic downtown buildings to make way for a Four Seasons hotel to accomodate the increased patronage during the event.  Yes, you heard it, build a hotel that will not be able to be supported until the next Equestrian Games come around and destroy highly trafficked businesses such as The Dame and Busters for the sake of one month.

At this point, if The Dame goes down, there’s no word on whether it can take up in a new spot. They are certainly trying as hard as they can, but the costs of retrofitting sound equipment and stages and such on top of the increased rent are looking as though they’re going to make continued operations be cost-prohibitive, unless a preexisting setup can be found.

Help spread the word & join the Facebook Event.



  1. Well put, my friend.

    I’ll be in touch!

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