Posted by: Cory | June 8, 2008

Review: Ingrid Michaelson @ Headliners – 6/4

Ingrid Michaelson came to Louisville’s Headliners Music Hall on Wednesday along with Greg Laswell. The contrast between this years earlier 930 show and this one was what one might expect…this one was a little louder and more of a pop show. What was interesting though was that the intimacy of which I so loved and appreciated at the 930 translated well even to the larger stage.

The opening act was Greg Laswell & while I only caught three and a half of his songs. Stationed at his piano, he broke into folk pop renditions of Bryan Adam’s “I will be right here waiting” before laughing and transitioning into Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”. For his last song, he sang “high & Low”, a song about losing someone close to you that you thought would always be there…

Next up was Ingrid Michaelson adorned in a hat and wardrobe that reminded me a little too much of Sara Bareilles, but cute nevertheless. She made note of the differences between Headliners and the last venue, and I believe she was counting on either a different crowd, or has certain distinct insecurities, because similar to last time, she mentioned that those in the upper level were going to get a good view of her crack & asked the crowd what they’d wish for if they could get a penny down her crack, sung to an impromptu song. One girl shouted that she’d wish for the Sweater with the ship on it that Ingrid had commented on minutes before about having to take because of the heat, which upset her because she’d just bought it for too much money and wanted to show it off. She ended up letting that girl toss a quarter for an effort to get it in the back of her pants, but she failed.

Ingrid started the set with Breakable, but the soundsystem sounded horrible, so it took some time to work out the kinks. Breakable is probably the perfect song to start of the set through the repeated mentions of her album title, “Girls and Boys”. Later, she suffered more problems when her guitar wasn’t getting picked up on Overboard. The next song, The Chain, was meant for 3 female vocals but they made do. The song was a new one about using the door chain as a removable barrier between her her lost love.

One of my favorite things about Ingrid shows are the level of intimacy in her show. She began again discuissing the previous show & the 930 in general, asking if anyone had been there despite the terrible weather. Several incredibly annoying teenage girls wouldn’t let her talk, cutting off every word. Ingrid’s only response were that they were cute, and I believe the word she used was “charismatic”, contrasting us with another recent audience who sat mesmerized without saying a word the entire show or even clapping. I shared a moment with countless people around the audience as we stated in bewilderment at the laugh of the man next to me.

A few songs later, there were more guitar problems, so Ingrid grabbed her ukileli and covered Radiohead’s “Creep”. I found the timing of the cover to be fantastic, in light of the Prince v. Radiohead debacle that’s been going on in the music world recently, with Prince’s team of lawyers and that youtube video. The cover was incredible, and her range was fantastic. Thom hits pretty hard notes on this song, but Ingrid hit it right on.

She proceeded to speak about the way that tv and commercials have affected her career, particularly that her song “Giving Up”, a demo she’d written but hadn’t gotten into a form she was happy with being used in the finale episode to Grey’s Anatomy.  And again, with her mega-hit, “The Way I Am”, a song she’d written in 10 minutes and being dangerously close to defining her career.  That said, she’s done well not to let it take control, because on “The Hat”, she continued to seem so moved and affected by it, as she chanted “I should tell you that you were my first love”.

To close the set, she picked up where Greg left off, covering Bryan Adam’s “I Will Be Right Here Waiting” and dedicated “Over the Rainbow” to 6 year old Julia in the crowd…a piece that left everyone leaving happy and feeling content.  The show was really fun and entertaining, and apart from a few bad apples in the crowd, a bar that was a little too loud, a great concert experience.

UPDATE: Someone in the Louisville crowd took Ingrid a little too literally as she sang the words “If you are chilly, here take my sweater.”  For those of you in the crowd that night, you’ll remember Ingrid commenting about her sweater and having just bought it for way too much.  This is an incredibly uncool move on the part of the girl who took the sweater, so if you are the girl who took it, or you know her, you can get in touch via a MySpace page created for Ingrid’s stolen sweater.  She just wants the sweater back, so you’re not going to get in trouble for it.

UPDATE 2: Joe Lord got a comment from Ingrid on the theft:

“i placed it on the stage next to me and forgot it at the end of the night. while i was signing and taking pictures, i saw a girl, WEARING it…and i thought ‘Haha that’s cute. she looks good in my sweater!’ little did i know that she would then LEAVE WITH IT ON! who does that?????”

For more photos & videos from the show,

The Chain
Die Alone
Creep (Radiohead Cover)
Far Away
Still we Keep Rolling
Giving Up
The Hat
The Way I Am
I Will Be Right Here Waiting for You (Bryan Adams)
Keep Breathing
Oh What a Day
Fruity Pebbles Song
Something Good
Somewhere over the Rainbow

Greg Laswell

Ingrid Michaelson

Greg Laswell – Sing Theresa Says

Greg Laswell – Days Go On

Greg Laswell – What a Day

Ingrid Michaelson – Far Away

Ingrid Michaelson – What If (new one)

Ingrid Michaelson – Overboard

Ingrid Michaelson – Die Alone

Ingrid Michaelson – What a Day

Neither of these following videos below are from the Louisville show, but pretty accurately reflect the performances she put on here. The first is a cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” (*note to Prince, Ingrid lets hers stay up). The Second video is a song she didn’t play this time, but had played at the previous show at the 930, and since I didn’t post it at that time, I’m posting it now…



  1. love the photos and videos. wow. i went to the hotel cafe tour date in north carolina where i had to see my favorite hotel cafe guy “AM”. That is right. a singer defined by his initials that you can’t google. I wish i had a camera as i’d love to post. as i don’t i hope you will look up AM’s song Stepping Stone. If you’ve ever had someone use you as a stepping stone you might feel what I feel when I hear this song from the album soul variations. you can’t google him but it is worth looking for.

  2. I’m confused now. I thought “I Will Be Right Here Waiting for You” was a Richard Marx song. When I google it, same lyrics show up and it’s listed under Bryan Adams and Richard Marx separately.

    Can you clear up this soft pop conundrum?

  3. I’m glad to see that Greg Laswell is getting some attention! If his latest single is of any indication, his new album coming out July 8 is going to be fantastic

  4. I wrote a song about the stolen sweater and put it on youtube.

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