Posted by: Cory | June 8, 2008

Photos: The Photographic @ 21c

The Photographic played 21c on Friday. Arriving early, I was worried with the Gallery Hop going on down Market that maybe people didn’t know about the show, and I’m not sure what happened but after five minutes, as the guys were getting set to play, the place got packed and cars wouldn’t have been able to get down the street if they’d wanted to. The set was incredible, but a little loud for the space. Three walls and one opening where we are standing caused all the sound to be pushed violently at us. I think it got to some people after a bit, but most everyone didn’t seem to mind. Jesse also mixed in a good deal of new video, including several new effects he hadn’t used before. Jamey & Chad played a solid set of what you’ve come to expect from them, but seeming to focus on some of their darker pieces, which I’ve got to admit, I prefer..

Those in attendance were a bit of a whose who, and we got around to meeting a lot of people we’ve been meaning to get around to meeting. I’d love for 21c to get around to doing ore of these types of performances, but I think we might need to find some way to adapt for the sound…

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