Posted by: Cory | June 6, 2008

Live Lunch: People Noise – 6/6 (Today!)

People Noise are playing Live Lunch with WFPK today.  In case you still don’t know, People Noise consists of Zeke Buck (founding member of VHS or Beta) and Matt Johnson (former member of Boom Bip) (and occasional other members such as Rahman McGinnis of The Zero Element), and they’re probably one of the hardest working bands not just in Louisville, but in all of the industry right now.  These guys have basically been on tour since their inception into this incarnation as a shoegaze rock band.  They’ve been everywhere and seemingly played with everyone (these guys played with Black Kids before anyone in this city had ever heard of them).  With all that in mind, think along the lines of JAMC or My Bloody Valentine and you’re somewhere in the ballpark. Alternatively, just check out their album Ordinary Ghosts (available as a free download).  Also, Zeke recently answered 5 questions about who he is, where he comes from ad where he’s going in our Take 5 series.

If you’ve not yet been to a live lunch, they go down at 619 S. Fourth Street in downtown Louisville and the space is limited to 70 people, so it may be wise to leave for lunch hour just a little early.  The next opportunity you’ll get to see People Noise in Louisville is for the Forecastle Festival

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